Hello to all our loyal Laverton FC Supporters

Laverton FC are working behind the scenes during these hard times and are looking forward to the year ahead.
We are very excited to announce that we are growing our Junior Program with some additional junior teams which will take this fabulous family club to new heights.  Let’s grow together!

Here is the junior set up thus far committed for 2022.

Coaching Staff:
Fernando Martinez
Jose Luis Burgos
Willy Viran
Ignacio (Nacho) Arredondo

Fernando, Willy and Jose have re committed for 2022 and created a fantastic base for what is to come ahead.

Nacho one of our former players and coach returns as a very experienced coach and will no doubt provide progression for kids and coaches.

Co-ordinators 2022:
Neal Kavanagh
Juan Vargas
Ivan (Pancho) Alvarado

Our Co-ordinators are well aware of the big task ahead with what needs to be done in order for Laverton FC as a club and community to achieve and set goals going forward.

Neal has recommitted for 2022 and will provide a pivotal roll as administrator which we all know if you don’t have clubs struggle to exist.

Juan and Ivan have been part of the adult set up at Laverton FC for 2021 but will be focused on the Juniors for 2022.
Both have vast experience in coaching all age groups and will be both working hard for the one focus which are the kids to develop and have fun while doing it.

Our junior set up will be working hard in order to provide the expectation of what each kid deserves in order to progress and enjoy the greatest game of all FOOTBALL.

Just a little insight to the new look Laverton FC we are trying to achieve as a community together.

Bigger and Better things are on its way to our club. This is just the beginning.

Vamos LAVO 🔴⚪️🔵